Big Game

Tuna Fishing Tackle & Shark Fishing Tackle
Over the last 3 or 4 years Bluefin Tuna have been getting caught in increasing numbers, particularly so in Donegal bay and out past Kilcar and Teelin. We at Big Fish Tackle Company have experienced a big growth in customers looking for Tuna Fishing Gear and indeed for Shark Fishing Gear with the prevalence of larger and specimen size porgies (Porbeagle shark). The chances of catching a Tuna on a day out with a registered skipper is now getting to a fish per rod per day at times, such is the great concentration of this mighty shoal fish. This has been a learning curve for us at Fishing Tackle 2U to get up to speed with this new local angling trend, but we feel we have the right local experience on the ground and the right local skipper knowledge to keep our selection of tackle suitable. We now stock all the Tuna Fishing Gear and a vast array of Shark Fishing Gear to cater for all expeditions. We have spreader bars, hollow braid , tuna 7261 hooks, squid lures, rubby dubby bags, all American Fishing Wire products, shark floats, Tuna rods, size 50 and 80 penn and shimano reels, bent butts, fighting harnesses, all the leaders and heavy mono needed to do battle with the king of the sea.