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Kamasan is a brand name that needs no introduction. From last 30 years, Kamasan is exceptionally serving the fishing tackle market and has become a leading supplier of hooks and tackle. 
Made in Japan with chemical sharpening technology, any Kamasan Hook bought will be guaranteed to last longer than its nearest competitor. The company has a massive range, yes, the word massive is sometimes used too loosely at times but with Kamasan it is truly justified.
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 When fishing for codling or larger Pollack, the B940s pattern comes into its own. Some anglers prefer to give the hook a slight offset by means of catching the hook with a pair of pliers or forceps gently forcing the point and barb from the middle of the bend slightly off center by 25 degrees.
This is particularly useful when fishing crab and there is a danger of losing the hook point in the meaty flesh of the crab. The range of Kamasan fly hooks with associated variations is really large and we stock all types from B800 long shank lure hooks right through to micro 22 smuts wires.
We guarantee you that all the Kamasan hooks provided by us are of premium quality that makes them robust and durable.  Browse our website and explore Kamasan hooks in different size packs, you can buy them 100 Kamasan hook packs of size 1, 2,4, 6 etc. The description of the hooks is clearly mentioned on the website.
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