At MAP they design and produce some of the most innovative and effective products currently being sold within the market today. They invest a huge amount of time designing, testing and manufacturing products to ensure that they as good as they can be.
They design; prototype and field test all of their products here in the UK. Working with their team of consultants they identify the need for a product and then work closely with cad designers to start bringing that product to life. Once the product has been designed, they then proceed onto prototyping to ensure the product meets their requirements.
Several prototypes are then given to consultants to test over a period of months to ensure the design is correct and the product is up to the job it was originally designed for. Once all the consultants are happy, they then proceed into manufacturing, and then start testing them all over again! Only when they are totally sure the product is right and fit for purpose do they launch the product into the angling market.
They pride themselves on innovation and creating unique product which has been designed to put more fish in your net.