Mustad in the U.K. and Ireland distribute a variety of fishing tackle that is suited for the local waters. But it is Mustad Hooks for which the company is so well known. Chances are if an angler was to put a hand into their tackle box the first lure or jig lifted would have a Mustad attached to it. The company have been dealing with fishing tackle for over 120 years now and have perfected the art of hook production. Mustad Hooks are made to suit all types of fishing, from fine fly tying small buzzer patterns right through to size 12/0 7261 meat hooks that are used when targeting tuna sharks and bottom feeding skate. Representing good value for money, these hook patterns have a selection of different shapes and gape sizes. The point tends to stay longer on better quality hooks but always remember to check or change your hooks mid session or mid match. Mustad have a wide selection of sea terminal tackle and supply a small but quality choice of sea luggage all sold by Big Fish Tackle Company.