The Penn tackle company have been making sea orientated fishing tackle since its inception in 1932. Mainly famous for production of Penn Fishing Reels it now has a full justification in claiming that not only does it produce a good Penn Reel it also makes a good Penn Rod. Penn's first original reel was the Senator. This reel completely changed the way anglers viewed big game reels and set the gold standard for other reel manufacturing companies to try and follow. In around the early 1960;s Penn introduced its first spinning reel, the Spinfisher 700 which again revolutionised the saltwater spinning world, Penn Fishing Reels had become the no1 brand. Nowadays when an angler goes out boat fishing, his choice quite often would be to have a Penn Rod and Penn Reel as the main set up to catch our bigger species like sharks, tuna and skate. The ideal reel for bigger game fishing is the Penn International 50 which is super for cranking bigger species that refuse to leave the seabed. It also has a 2 speed gearing system which is handy if, when fishing a couple of hundred meters down, the angler needs to bring the rig up fast to check or re-bait. For lighter angling when fishing for cod and pollack anglers will use a 20-30lb class rod and the Penn Rampage is the ideal choice. It is also quite handy as it is a 4 piece rod and comes with a tube. Apart from Spinfisher reels we also stock the Slammer series of Penn spinning reels which, when tackling a big pollack from boat or shore, gives the angler confidence knowing that the reel will not let them down.