Vision have always been synonymous with wading and waders. We have sold variations of Vision Waders through the years and have always had good reports back from customers that have purchased them from us. Today we tend to keep with the better quality Ikon waders, and in particularly the zipped type. Imagine when fishing along a river with waders ,wading jacket and gye net all wound round your body and neatly fitted. You need to take a (p) but the thought of having to take everything off or down is daunting, especially as there is a horizontal rain storm happening. Well, what is simpler than unzipping the front of your Vision Waders and relieving yourself quickly and comfortably. Now, with the Vision Ikon Zippered Waders this is a reality due to a patented waterproof tried and test full frontal chest to groin zip. Improved for this year the Ikon waders will be one of the soundest investment you will make.