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Shimano Tiagra Reels & Shimano Tld Reels and All Brands
A lot of sea angling is done when anglers are afloat and the vast majority will use a boat multiplier reel rather than a fixed spool. The reason for this is the torque that is needed to retrieve heavy leads and fish from the seabed, especially when there are strong currents and weed. A multiplier like the Shimano Tiagra Reel has heavier gearing and the spool is supported on both ends rather than just the one side, like a fixed spool spinning reel. A popular boat reel is the Shimano TLD reel which has gained a good reputation for reliability, robustness and ease of use. There are 2 types of the Shimano TLD reel. The first is the straight single speed and the other more expensive one has a speed selector for retrieving empty traces up quickly from the bottom. Other up-market multiplier brands for big game fish are Okuma, Penn and the Shimano Tiagra Reel. When filling a multiplier with braid and want the braid nearly filling the spool for maximum ratio pickup, try filling the spool with a lot of cheaper mono first so as to not needlessly waste braid that will never get used.