Bradley Digital Smoker

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Bradley Digital Smoker

The Bradley Digital Smoker range is perfect for those who do a lot of smoking of meats and fish, the 4 rack and 6 rack systems we have available would be perfect for everyone from the passionate amateur to those who need items smoked on a larger basis such as retaurants, butchers and delicastessans. Bradley boasts that their smoking system creates clean tasting food without any aftertaste and while other smokers need to be tended constantly the Bradley digital creates clean smoke for up to 9 hours without intervention. Capable of both hot and cold smoking the Bradley Digital Smoker creates a controlled amount of smoke.

Operated by a digital display with variable options timers, temperature settings and wood input buttons these units are full adjustable and great for perfectly smoked meat every time.

  • 4 Rack measures 430mm x 370mm x 800mm
  • 6 Rack measures 430mm x 370mm x 990mm