Greys Platinum Shoot Fly Line

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Greys Platinum Shoot Fly Line

The Greys Platinum Shoot Fly Line range is an nice and easy casting shooting head fly line made to shoot your lures into the horizon with the least effort. The line has been designed with an faster short 25ft head, together with a 5ft front taper and 5ft rear taper making this line so easy to work, easy to cast but powerful enough to turn over even the bigger lures at distance.  These lines are best suited for Stillwater lakes, reservoirs and lochs when distance is required or when back casting space is restricted.  The super slick coating that is used across the Platinum range allows anglers to achieve maximum distance with minimal effort. The ultra low memory enhances each line ensuring easy handling and perfect shoot-ability.  The Greys Platinum Shoot Fly Line is available in two different densities, Floating and Intermediate and in various weight options to choose from. Each line is supplied with one braided loop.

  • Easy cast taper
  • Slick coating
  • Ultra low memory
  • Includes braided loop
  • 25ft Head
  • Length 90ft length
Type Weight Sink Rate Colour Length
Floating WF5 White 90ft
Floating WF6 White 90ft
Floating WF7 White 90ft
Floating WF8 White 90ft
Intermediate WF6 1.5 ips Translucent 90ft
Intermediate WF7 1.5 ips Translucent 90ft
Intermediate WF8 1.5 ips Translucent 90ft