Greys Platinum Shooting Head & Tips Spey Fly Line

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Greys Platinum Shooting Head & Tips Spey Fly Line

The Greys Platinum Shooting Head System Kit gives anglers total control and balance with an active and reactive shooting head that comes with three tips, a running line and tip wallet. Designed and trialled by World Spey Casting Champion Ian Gordon, the package comes with a short casting head. The shooting head has a dynamic taper, producing a leading energy switch for giving extreme distance and total power for turning over heavy flies easily.

Also with this package comes a slick running line complete with a conveniant large welded loop and three tips. The 12ft long tips are very robust, again with loop to loop connections on both ends and comes with a matching Greys zipped tip wallet. The variations are either floating or intermediate density.

The shooting head on the floating line is 28ft long and cream coloured with the running line being high-vis orange. The three tips included are floating, intermediate and a 3ips sinking tip.

The shooting head on the intermediate is 34ft long and green coloured with the running line again being high-vis. The three tips included with the intermediate line are ,intermediate, a sinking 3ips and a 5ips. Greys Platinum Shooting Head & Tips Spey Fly Line represents real value for money and gives all anglers access to spey casting.

Type Weight Total Length Tips Type
Floating 7/8 130ft Float/Int./3ips
Floating 8/9 132ft Float/Int./3ips
Floating 9/10 134ft Float/Int./3ips
Floating 10/11 136ft Float/Int./3ips
Intermediate 7/8 130ft Int./3ips/5ips
Intermediate 8/9 132ft Int./3ips/5ips
Intermediate 9/10 134ft Int./3ips/5ips
Intermediate 10/11 136ft Int./3ips/5ips