Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel

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Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel

The ultimate cassette system reel, the new Hardy ASR (Assisted Spool Release) reel features a fast, easy to use spool release system that actively frees the spool at the flick of a switch and automatically engages the new spool with a simple push fit. Also new to this range is a lightweight size specifically designed for the challenges of modern river fishing.

  • Bar stock 6061 main construction
  • High impact Composite spool
  • Unique 'ASR' spool system
  • Line ID system
  • Multi pad, colour coded 340 degree disc drag
  • Heavily ported lightweight design
  • Full size range
  • Supplied with two additional spare spools and case


Size Ratio Drag Weight Line Capacity
ASR 4000 #4/5 1.0:1 4lb 6.2 oz WF5+50(20lb dacron)
ASR 5000 #5/6 1.0:1 4lb 6.6 oz WF6+50(20lb dacron)
ASR 6000 #6/7 1.0:1 4lb 6.8 oz WF7+65(20lb dacron)
ASR 7000 #7/8 1.0:1 4lb 7.2 oz WF8+100(30lb dacron)
ASR 9000 #9/10/11 1.0:1 4lb 8.8 oz WF12+150(30lb dacron)