Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel

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Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel

The Hardy Ultralight Featherweight disc drag series is a sensational new lighweight design made for finer line control. Now anglers can have delicate feel and fishing of a click check reel but with the steady controlled drag and low start up inertia of the disc drag system.

  • Designed for lightest possible weight
  • Made from 6061 metal
  • Super cosmetic look
  • Reduction of main shaft to lower weight
  • Rulon Drag for smoothness
  • Push on/off spool design
Size Ratio Drag Weight Line Capacity
1/2/3 (1000) 1.0:1 1lb 2.9oz WF2+33 (20lb dacron)
2/3/4 (2000) 1.0:1 1lb 3.1oz WF3+40 (20lb dacron)
3/4/5 (3000) 1.0:1 1lb 3.4oz WF4+45 (20lb dacron)
4/5/6 (4000) 1.0:1 1lb 3.6oz WF5+75 (20lb dacron)