Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter



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Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter

This a is a real neat beach shelter that has the capacity to protect up to 2 people. With a unique set up design which can be put up to suit the angler, laid flat from the floor up means that it can be erected in heavy weather without it blowing away. When folded down into the supplied compact bag allows it to be transported easily in the boot of a car and on the beach with built in carry handles. The rigid put together frame work is self supporting without pegs but it has several pegging points and a sand skirt which can be used in the worst weather conditions for security. When set up the shelter can be spread out to allow another angler and with its angled frames means a lot more of the shelter is left for storage of equipment etc. Each side externally has rod holders for spare rods or when setting up.

  • Nice lightweight shelter
  • Pegging points with sand skirt
  • Exterior rod holders
  • Fits neatly down for transport
  • Comes in storage bag with handles
  • 110x20x14cm