Korum Snapper Dropshot Minnows




Korum Snapper Dropshot Minnows

The Korum Snapper Dropshot Minnows are perfect for dropshot fishing. They can be worked suit your conditions, either fast or slow. They have an inner flash that attracts fish fast and with because of the long slim body, you can to use a larger hook than most styles, As a result it is much better when fishing for big fish.There are three varieties - Fry, Natural and Fluro. Designed to be used with the new Korum spinshot hooks and dropshot weights, these little blighters are sure to pick up plenty of perch and pike this year.


  • Fry:
  1. Olive Fry - A fantastic fry imitation pattern as they imitate everything that swims
  2. Golden Pepper - The lure has a real edge in coloured water due to its golden glitter finish
  • Natural:
  1. Roach - This is a proven winner with its shimmering blue finish. It imitates roach perfectly.
  2. Perch - It has a striped pattern making it perfect on hard venues. It exploits perch's addiction to small perch superbly. 
  • Fluoro:
  1. Spotted Lime - Often called the best perch colour of all time and they are fantastic for all venues.
  2. Goldfish - These are getting more and more popular because they get a reaction from all predators.