Rio InTouch Switch Chucker Fly Line




Rio InTouch Switch Chucker Fly Line

The Rio InTouch Switch Chucker Fly Line gives anglers complete control of accuracy and distance, particulary when fishing in rougher weather conditions with large flies etc.. Rio have now improved and advanced the front taper that allows anglers to load the line quickly and connect sinking tips whilst giving better turn over. Infused with Rio ConnectCore technology giving an ultra low stretch core, Intouch Switch Chucker lines will give better, quicker and more solid hook-ups than most competitive lines on the market today. Chucker lines have shorter heads that allow for flicking a salmon fly out across a pool when overhead casting is out of the question.

  • Colour Green/Grey
  • Full floating line with Dual-Tone colour
  • Short front taper for pushing indicators and larger flies