Shakespeare Agility 2 Braid Boat Rod

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Shakespeare Agility 2 Braid Boat Rod

This quick tapered blank gives super sensitive bite indication and a delight to use over all types of sandbanks when fishing for plaice, dabs, turbot, whiting and codling, in fact the vast majority of standard mixed fishing.These blanks are ideal for drifting slowly on the boat and using a rauto spoon with trailing bait for flats. Quick bite detection is critical for paying out line to allow the fish to take the bait. A good range of rods cover most line classes, all rods are 8ft long and are of 2pc design with a butt and main rod differring length sections.

  • 2-20lb or 20-30lb
  • Rod Length: 8ft
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Action: Fast
  • Blank: Carbon Fibre
  • Rod Handle Material: EVA Guide