Shakespeare Agility 2 Flattie 10'6'' Rod

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Shakespeare Agility 2 Flattie 10'6'' Rod

This quality rod has been made to exacting standards and at a price point the will favour all anglers, new or seasoned alike. At 10'6'' you will find this is the ideal size when fishing for flatties, after all they are usually found in the suds at the very edge of the water. Who needs a 15' continental rod for this! 

The Agility 2 Flattie is really light with a nice crisp action and super sensitive tip designed to read those quivering flounder bites, enabling you to pay line out and let the fish take the bait before he feels resistance.

  • Casting 60-120 gm (2 -4.5 oz)
  • 2 Piece equal sectioned
  • Screw winch reel fitting